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Carbon Fiber & Other Race Shoes

What's the deal with Carbon Fiber?

In the automotive world, carbon fiber parts are used to reduce the weight of performance vehicles without compromising on durability. While there are certainly other materials that can be used to achieve similar structural properties, few can match the advantage of reduced weight that this material provides.

In running shoes, the carbon fiber plate provides full-length, lightweight strucutre for the shoe, effectively reducing the flexibility in the sole unit and storing additional energy from the heel strike, channeling that energy into the propulsion phase of the gait for an improved toe-off. The plate is typically combined with a high energy return midsole compound (ex. Saucony PWR Foam +, New Balance Fuelcell, Brooks DNA Zero) to enhance the energy return process, giving the shoes a light, springy sensation underfoot.

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Historically crosstraining shoes were typically shoes that could accomodate a series of different training disciplines. Essentially if a running shoe and court shoe had a shoe baby, it would be a crosstrainer.

In modern times, the idea of the all-encompassing crosstrainer has fallen to the wayside to make room for workout specific options. There are now shoes specifically designed for activities such as Crossfit, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Zumba, and much more. Need help navigating the seemingly endless sea of choices? Give us a call and our team will be more than happy to guide you to an option that suits your needs.