Book An Appointment!

In order to better serve our clients, Sports 4 will now be integrating an appointment booking system for those who would like to experience our renown fitting services with our most experienced team members. These appointments will be taking place during our standard business hours, and will work in conjunction with our walk-in services, not as a replacement

While the in-store appointments are set at a default of 60 minute sessions (when available) and the virtual appointments at 30 minutes, they can be extended at the discretion of the attending staff member. In the event that a consultation is extended and subsequently overlaps with another appointment, our staff may need to attend to multiple clients at a time. Alternatively, in the case of overlap resulting from a virtual consultation, a more junior member of the team may be able to prepare the preliminary measurements until the appointed staff member is able to join the session. 

Bookings will be free of charge as we experiment with this new system, however this may be subject to change in the future.