COVID 19 Service Adjustments

The following policies are additional to the policies laid out in our dedicated return and shipping pages.

**COVID 19 In-store Protocol

As of May 19, 2020, Sports 4 will be open to the public, but with strict guidelines and procedures for the protection of our staff and clients alike.

- All staff will be provided safety glasses, disposable gloves, and protective masks to reduces chances of mucous membrane exposure through the mouth and eyes.
- Currently, our stores can accept a client capacity of 10 people at one time, so there may be service delays if we reach that capacity. Please be patient, and abide by distancing guidelines while waiting to be served. 
- Customers entering the store MUST wear a protective mask for the safety of our team. We will be strictly enforced at both locations. If you'd like a curbside pickup, please place your orders and payments through our website and select your desired pickup location in order to minimize in-store contact.
- Special orders will hopefully be resuming soon, and when they do there will be changes to our policy. From now on, the only obligation free special orders will only include the core sizes of products we carry in stock. For women, core sizes will range from 6.5 - 10.5 and core widths will range from 2A to 2E. For men, core sizes will range from 8.5 - 13, and core widths will range from D - 6E. Anything outside of this range will have to be a pre-paid, final sale transaction. these sizing limitation may be subject to change.
- Customer fitting sessions will be limited to 30 minutes due to the limitations on customer capacity. We can be flexible with this, especially during slow times, however fitting sessions cannot exceed an hour of time with a single client. We are not going to be able to have as many customers in the store with the new distancing procedures, so time limitations are a necessity.
- All brannock devices must be wiped down after use with a cleaning solution
- All counters and surfaces that are frequently used must be sanitized on an hourly schedule if possible, however these surfaces must be cleaned no less than 4 times per day.


**COVID 19 Shipping Protocol
  • Shipping and fulfillment services may be overwhelmed during this time, so there may be delays in orders shipped through Canada Post. These delays are beyond the control of Sports 4 and Canada Post, so please do not contact us unless your parcel has been delayed for more than 5 days beyond the expected arrival date.
  • The *Personal Delivery shipping method is for residents living in the City of Ottawa only, and does not include surrounding areas. Please do not select this method if you live outside of the city limits. 
  • Curbside pickup will become available on May 11, 2020. When choosing this option, you must await for a fulfillment confirmation email (NOT the order confirmation) before visiting your location of choice. The online inventory is a combination of both stores' inventories, and your shoe may not be at the store of your choosing. Transfers may take up to 3 days depending on order volume.

**COVID 19 Return Policy

  • For clients that made online purchases during the isolation period (any purchases after March 15, 2020), we will be offering a 30 day period for exchanges or returns
  • Until our stores reopen to the public (May 19, 2020), NO exchanges or refunds will be processed under any circumstances
  • Shoes must still be in clean, resellable condition, contained in the shoe's original packaging, and be accompanied by the online order confirmation email with NO exception
  • When curbside pickup becomes available on May 11, 2020, NO exchanges or returns will be processed. Any arguments against this policy will be dismissed.