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Footwear Fitting Appointments

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During the winter our store hours may be reduced, but we want to make sure our services aren't!

If you are unable to visit our store locations for our footwear fitting services during our reduced hours, book an appointment after hours so that we can give you the focus and attention you deserve. This service is ideal for those that require our full fitting service (measurement, gait assessment, fit check etc.) and those that may have more questions that pertain to footwear or particular footwear related ailments (plantar fasciitis, bunions, metatarsalgia etc).

We will try to keep each session as focused on your needs as possible, however if there is someone else you know that would like a fitting consultation, appointment slots can accommodate up to 2 clients at no additional booking cost



For the time being, after hours services and appointment booking will be restricted to after the stores close, and only during the week. Since these sessions will take place outside of regular business hours, a $10 booking fee will be charged per booked appointment, however this fee will be refunded to you if a shoe has been purchased. If no purchase is made, the booking fee will not be refunded. If the shoe is returned, the full purchase amount minus $10 for the appointment will be refunded.  

Each session will be booked in 30 minute blocks, as that is the average time for a full shoe fitting. If more time is required, as is sometimes the case, we can extend sessions by an additional 15 minutes free of charge, however beyond the 45 minute time frame, a second appointment will need to be scheduled either for the same day if time allows, or for a future date with an additional booking fee. Upon the eventual purchase of footwear, only the most recent booking fee of $10 will refunded.

The Sports 4 Experience
A Heritage of Service Excellence

To deliver a premium level of service for our clients, our Fit Specialists are trained to understand proper footwear fitting principlesperformance footwear functionality, proper foot measurement/sizing, the relationship between footwear and orthotics, and how to perform a walking gait analysis.

In addition to our expertise, we carry a large variety of footwear brands, many of which come with width options to accommodate a number of different foot shapes. Having long standing relationships with footwear brands such as New Balance, Brooks, Mizuno, Asics, Saucony, and Dunham, to name a few, we do our best to keep those wider widths and bigger sizes in stock on a regular basis. This gives our customers a vast range of fitting options.

Coupling our expertise and services together with a vast catalog of footwear choices, we hope to make a visit to our stores a truly memorable experience.

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Locally Owned and Founded

Founded in 1982, Sports 4 humbly began in a space of only 1000 square feet, with a small staff of 4, and only 2 running shoe models. Despite the business' expansion, and several changes over the years, one thing remains consistent: our commitment to creating a welcoming, unique, and informed active-wear shopping experience for the Ottawa region.

We still believe in that "mom and pop shop" kind of environment, and the level of care that comes with small community focused business. We may not have all the flash of a large corporate store, but after 37 years in business we've found that taking care of our customers can sometimes go a lot further than expensive ads and displays. 

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